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From the start through all the generations of Halfway employees, there is one belief that has remained a constant..... people don’t work for the Halfway, they work together as the Halfway. 


Beyond burgers and beers, together we have created a culture of mutual respect and looking out for each other. It’s a culture that was a culmination of John and David’s mutual experiences with key influence taken from John’s days at the Hampshire House in Boston. 


Once a staff member understands the culture, they either embrace it or they move on. Treat everyone, guests, coworkers exactly the way that you yourself want to be treated. 


Judging by our thirty years in business and our Hall of Fame roster.... fair to say many people embrace the Halfway culture. 



Tom Taylor    30 years
Dawn Burton     20 years
Hector Yanes     20 years
Nikki David    14 years
Rob Scheffler    13 years
Nancy Shea    12 years
Luis Rojas    10 years
Joanna Ross     8 years
Steven Wood     8 years
Kim Velasquez    7 years


Walder Bonafico    8 years
Christian Pallmatier    6 years
Ashley Crowley     5 years
Milange Sauvier    5 years               

Marel Alfaro    20 years
Luis Pasos    15 years
Jennifer Paul     13 years
Timmy Tom Blake    6 years   


Laurie Therault    21 years
Fla DeMelo    10 years
Rosimar    8 years
Laurel Butler     8 years
Nicole Gosselin    6 years
Cassie Kurbs    6 years  


John C Adams     20 years  
Emerson F DaSilva    15 years
Kelly A Forsyth    15 years       

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