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The Halfway Café’s legacy started on September 14, 1990 when co founders John Grasso and David “Big Boy” Steen, opened the first Halfway Cafe in Dedham, Massachusetts. Today there are six locations in the Boston area: Watertown, Dedham and Marlborough. The Halfway Café is far more than a place to eat; it is the place next door where friends gather to have a good time.  The Halfway Café takes pride in connecting with its neighbors while serving quality food and drink. Everything from our hand-cut fries to our signature steak tips are made with loads of love – which you will taste in every bite! With the help from our Corporate Chef, Stephen Allegro and his culinary team, all of our dishes are made to order with the freshest ingredients. We have a team full of passionate individuals, and if you don’t believe us, check out the Halfway Hall Of Fame (a list of all of our team members who have worked with us for 5+ years). When asked the key to success of the Halfway Café, John Grasso explains,

“We sell burgers and beers, but you know what? We sell an experience”

And that has been our foundation for over 20 years.​

217500_10150233670897139_7974795_nThe Man, The Myth, The Legend … The Boot!

If you’ve ever been to one of The Halfway Cafe restaurants, it’s difficult not to notice a foot hanging from the ceiling. At last, the story behind the mystery foot is told…

After opening our original store, electrician George Diamond (friend of John Grasso’s) was working on our attic and somehow managed to slip through our ceiling. Coincidentally enough, Grasso was the first to discover George’s foot dangling from above in our restaurant dining room. Let’s just say Grasso’s choice of words were slightly different from the ones he uses today when telling the story. Since that day, the foot in the ceiling has become a trademark of The Halfway Café and can be found at every location.